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Corporate Fitness Content Subscriptions

At Livewire Production, we believe in the power of fitness to invigorate, inspire, and drive positive change within the corporate world. Our tailored fitness content subscriptions are designed for businesses committed to fostering a culture of health and wellness. By integrating these premium fitness experiences into your organization, you will:

Boost Employee Well-being:

Offer your team curated fitness routines, ensuring both physical and mental wellness.

Enhance Work Culture:

A fit employee is a happy employee. Ignite positivity and camaraderie by embracing fitness as a corporate value.

Drive Productivity:

A healthy body and mind pave the way for enhanced focus and efficiency.

By partnering with us, businesses can effortlessly provide their employees with top-notch fitness content, reaping the many benefits of a healthy workforce.

Initially, we concentrated on providing live broadcasted fitness classes that can be subsequently included in our video-on-demand (VOD) library. However, our focus has since shifted towards expanding our pre-recorded library in order to be able to offer premium fitness content at low cost.

See a complete breakdown of our fitness content features here.

On-Demand Fitness Classes

Our library has a collection of more than 1500 fitness classes that encompass a range of modalities, including HIIT, cycling, yoga, and others.

LIVE Fitness Classes

Currently, we air 4-8 fitness classes live every day, and our intention is to broaden our range of services, allowing people all around the globe to enjoy premium digital fitness content non-stop, 24/7.