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Videography, Green Screen, and Post-Production Solutions

At Livewire Production, we recognize the transformative power of video content in today’s dynamic digital landscape. Our studio in Dubai stands not just as a fitness content hub, but as a versatile platform delivering video solutions across a spectrum of needs.

Video Content Production

Whether you’re seeking to launch a brand, promote a product, or share an impactful story, our state-of-the-art green screen production room ensures that we bring your vision to life. While our niche began with fitness, our capabilities have grown to include:

Commercials: Create memorable impressions with our engaging promotional videos.

Interviews: Capture compelling insights, testimonials, or thought leadership discussions.

Product Tutorials/Demonstrations: Offer clear step-by-step guides to showcase your product’s benefits.

Documentaries: Dive deep into subjects with our impactful storytelling techniques.

Corporate/Brand Videos: Convey your brand’s essence, mission, and values succinctly.

Training and Educational Videos: Educate and instruct audiences with clarity and precision.

Explainer Videos: Clarify complex concepts with concise and engaging presentations.

Music Videos: Transform your song into a captivating visual masterpiece.

Testimonials: Build trust with genuine accounts from satisfied clients.

Live Streaming: Engage audiences in real-time with high-quality broadcasts.

Product Reviews: Provide comprehensive insights into your product’s standout features.

Social Media Snippets: Capture attention instantly with tailored content for various platforms.

Livewire Productions Content
Livewire Productions Content

Guided Expertise

With vast industry experience, our team can offer invaluable guidance for your shoots. From initial planning to the final editing phase, we’re with you every step of the way to ensure your content resonates and achieves its intended purpose.


We pride ourselves on transparency and flexibility. Choose from:

Raw Footage Production:

Use our space, equipment, and get a dedicated operator. You’ll receive unedited, raw footage to use as you see fit.

Complete Production Solutions:

Not only will you get all the above, but also professionally edited footage, ready to be showcased.

Find more details on our features page here.

Please note: All our productions are executed within our green screen room. External shoots or requests without the use of a green screen are not feasible at the moment. We expect clients to come prepared with scripting, props, clothing, talent, etc. Our role is to provide the equipment, expertise, and post-production magic!

Business Sectors

With our intention to move a million people a day through fitness, we recognized the importance of having a versatile range of solutions. As a result, we have carefully curated our offerings to have a significant impact across multiple business sectors.


Wellness Clubs

Increased Timetable

More Variety

Low Management

Low Cost



Impactful Health Offering

Premium Experience 

Improved Retention



Enhanced Employee Offering

Increased Sense of Community

Optimized Employee Well-being



Ability To Offer Content With Your Hardware

Ensures Continued Use Of Hardware

Marketing Assets